Nina, Ouro, Maya and Boby

I´m posting just today, but this 4 dogs travelled last week.
NINA was being cared by MARAnimais for more than two years... we found her in the street with five puppies!... we really hope that now she is better!
MAYA was with MARAnimais too, she is a brown puppy that apeared in the street full of scabies, but she did the correct treatment and she is OK!
OURO is and old brown male dog, he is very nice and he was being cared by Aanifeira.
BOBY (black one) camed from V.N.Gaia.
Photos of NINA before:
 Photos of MAYA (before-with NINA, and at Palma de Maiorca)

More photos (Nina in the "BOX" with Ouro; OURO and BOBY at Germany)

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