AYIANA - Good News!

We had very goog news from Ayiana!
She has a great family and they wrote me these words: "She lives here since 15. September and i don't know a dog who could brings more Joy and fun in our Life."
She had a problem with her eyes, she has been operated, but it´s all going well!

You can see at the pics that she seems to be very very happy and confortable!
I´m very happy for her!
Thank you Melanie and Mario!
I wish you everything good!!!



This old dog is JOJO (the name we gave him here in Portugal)
He is blind and old little dog.
Here are the first photos that we have from him and then we show you pfotos in his new family!

We had this first news from him in Germany:

"Also only good news from new family for JOJO. (now Barney) they cannot imagine a life without him anymore - he is very good at home fells well, loves walks in the forest and surrounding and in the evening sleep on sofa while his owner look TV.
The cats in new home also o.k. only one cat does not like him but they think she will be better in while.
All dogs seems to be in good hands.


Aiyana (Husky)

Today we received news from Aiyana´s foster family. First she was a bit nervous and she was not very friendly with the other 3 dogs, but she will get better soon!!!
She is still very slim... perhaps because she is too energic... (?)
We hope to get more good news soon!
First photos from Germany:

Two months ago when I found her at the highway...


Nina, Ouro, Maya and Boby

I´m posting just today, but this 4 dogs travelled last week.
NINA was being cared by MARAnimais for more than two years... we found her in the street with five puppies!... we really hope that now she is better!
MAYA was with MARAnimais too, she is a brown puppy that apeared in the street full of scabies, but she did the correct treatment and she is OK!
OURO is and old brown male dog, he is very nice and he was being cared by Aanifeira.
BOBY (black one) camed from V.N.Gaia.
Photos of NINA before:
 Photos of MAYA (before-with NINA, and at Palma de Maiorca)

More photos (Nina in the "BOX" with Ouro; OURO and BOBY at Germany)


Solano, Aiyana and Hachi

Today the passengers were Solano and Aiyana, a male and female Huskys and Hachi (the black dog).
Solano was saved from the "municipal kennel", we found that he is leishmania positiv, so he has been doing specific medication and now he had a chance!
Aiyana, also an Husky, was found in A29 (highway). She has been with us for one month and a half and now she is going to get a new life...
Hachi was saved after an accident, that´s why now he has got only one eye! After some months in a pet hotel he found a new chance too!

First photos: Aiyana (brown/white Husky) and Hachi (black/brown))

Outside the airport in Oporto:



REPAS: before and after...

REPAS before:

At the airport:

New country, new life, new name: LOUIS!!!

Repas, Estrelinha, Cinderela e Messi

Last week was the chance for Repas, Estrelinha, Cinderela and Messi!
Here are some photos at the airport in Oporto!
Good luck fo all!!!