This old dog is JOJO (the name we gave him here in Portugal)
He is blind and old little dog.
Here are the first photos that we have from him and then we show you pfotos in his new family!

We had this first news from him in Germany:

"Also only good news from new family for JOJO. (now Barney) they cannot imagine a life without him anymore - he is very good at home fells well, loves walks in the forest and surrounding and in the evening sleep on sofa while his owner look TV.
The cats in new home also o.k. only one cat does not like him but they think she will be better in while.
All dogs seems to be in good hands.


  1. "gambuzine", acredite que fazemos tudo isto por amor aos animais!
    O Jójó ficou muito bem entregue!

  2. tb tenho um cegeta em casa, e pior näo tem faro...é o sr fritz